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Catastrophe Response

Help when Canadians need it most

With disasters like floods, tornadoes and hurricanes happening more frequently in Canada, we knew it was our duty to lend a helping hand. Should something happen anywhere in Canada, Aviva Canada Inc. and the Aviva group of companies are ready with:

  • 24/7 catastrophe response team
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of potential severe-weather situations
  • One of the largest response teams in Canada
  • A fast-acting local team backed by a national response unit

Aviva Catastrophe Video Transcript


Image: Aviva Logo

Descriptor: Helping Albertan Come Back Strong. 2013 Flood Response

Image: News Images

Audio: They are bracing themselves in Calgary tonight because they know the water is coming
Image: Map

Descriptor: Calgary – Zone of Heaviest Rain along and East of Rocky Mountains

Image: News Images

Audio: From Canmore to Coleman, communities are battling rising waters. Torrential rain and flood waters have washed away roads and bridges and caused landslides in the Province of Alberta. As many as one hundred thousand people may be forced to leave their homes

Sherre Newell: The flood happened so fast, I remember watching the news on Saturday morning and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the TV

Descriptor: Sherre Newell - AVP, Underwriting

Peter Corsano: I’ve seen boats that are in trees, bleachers from a playground that have been moved across the street

Descriptor: Peter Corsano, Senior Manager, Catastrophe Coordination

Tim Randles: Train tracks have just been twisted and mangled, and essentially a large portion of the community is still under water

Descriptor: Tim Randles, Senior Manager, Commercial Lines Concierge Sales Centre

Descriptor: Between 100 and 200 millimeters of rain fell in the region in less than 48 hours

Sherre Newell: The team came together every piece of it and we started to rally the troops.  We had I think it was about 73% of the staff up and running Monday – kudos to the team because we actually had more people volunteer to come in than we actually had seats for

Lanny Hoang: Everybody has to ban together and figure out simple things how is everyone going to get work because half of the downtown core was shutdown.

Descriptor: Lanny Hoang, Account Executive

Sherri Newell: We had several people particularly in claims fly in from all over the country

Marie-Claude Gasson: I came here the first day, I arrived in Calgary there was mud water everywhere

Descriptor: Marie-Claude Gasson, Large Loss Adjustor, Quebec

Greg Dunn: It was great to see everybody from across Aviva Canada, work together, pull together to make sure that we were up and ready to serve our customers.

Descriptor: EVP, National Claims

Sukhi Shoker: We need to be quick off the mark  because people need help, the first people that they call are the insurance company.

Descriptor: Sukhi Shoker, Insurance Adjustor, Ontario

Tom Reid: At the end of the day, most people don’t have claims, nobody expects to have a claim, and yet they pay their insurance premiums every year. And when the time comes for a claim to happen, especially one you know from a catastrophe of this nature, it’s what we do

Descriptor: Tom Reid, SVP Broker Distribution, Western Canada

Descriptor: Over 75,000 people were ordered to evacuate – the largest evacuation order in Alberta’s history

Davinder Sandhu: So the flooding started Thursday night, most of the water was coming in from the front wall ,the wall closest to the street, and it was just pouring in, it was mixed with silt, and it was coming very quickly, within I would say in about 5 minutes we had at least an inch standing.

Descriptor: Davinder Sandhu, Aviva Customer


Ian Viner: We were able to come down here, we entered our office to find out the office - the shop was completely flooded , all equipment gone, we managed to go downstairs into the basement where we had, I believe, 20 or 25 cars that were completely flooded

Descriptor: Ian Viner, Owner, Superior Paint & Autobody, Aviva Customer

Davinder Sandhu: We set up some bags of salt and sand and it was the only thing I could think that to put down quickly while I tried to figure something else out to direct the water

Marie-Claude Gasson: I came here the first day , tried to arrange the cleaning, make the emergencies, help them for the business not to be closed for a long time

Sukhi Shoker: People need help and the first people they call is the insurance company and you have to confirm or let them know if they have coverage and how to and what the next steps what needs to be done

Marie-Claude Gasson: I think that we helped, by our job we are helping people

Ian Viner: We are a family operated shop, we will rebuild, we will be back in business and we will do a great job of it, we will come back strong.

Descriptor: In the first 2 weeks, 100% of accessible homes and businesses were visited with remedial action taken

Randy Sommerfeld: The CAT team is extraordinary, there are adjustors that are from all parts of Canada from Atlantic to the Pacific, all of them are up for the challenge

Descriptor: Randy Sommerfeld, Senior Claims Manager

Davinder Sandhu: Especially surprised of how quick and effective all of the response has been, Aviva was wonderful, they were all on site within a few days

Peter Corsano: The key to CAT responses is communication, we were first on site here to respond, we’re visible with the yellow Aviva Shirts and customers were very pleased of how we responded

Colin Harte: I can’t say that anything will probably get back to normal, but I think what we have to tell people is that when times are really bad and your down we’re going to be here for you no matter what and we’re going to continue to be here as long as it takes.

Sherre Newell: This is where the rubber hits the road, it’s when an event like this happens. Brokers could not believe that we were actually responding and could get them documents, could get them whatever they needed.

Lena Tityk-Keon: All of our clients that were insured with Aviva, had heard from them within the 48 hour time period. And also they’ve been very diligent in communicating through bulletins how they have been organizing to respond to the needs of our clients.

Descriptor: Lena Tityk-Keon, VP Personal Lines, Rogers Insurance Brokerage

Descriptor: Aviva helped over 800 families and 300 commercial clients within 14 days

Randy Sommerfeld: The job that we do is so important, that these are people’s lives, all they have worked their whole life for, it’s their home, it’s so nice when you see a customer smile and they genuinely thank you, it’s nice.

Maurice Tulloch: My team has made me incredibly proud, I can tell you that they have made a global company incredibly proud, the expectation is that what insurance companies do, but I would say that Aviva went above and beyond.

Sherre Newell: I think that our clients that hold policies with Aviva will be pleasantly surprised by our response and I think pleased and feel comfort going forward that should they ever need us again Aviva is going to be there for them

Ian Viner: As far as working with Aviva, they are absolutely second to none and I hope to be insured with them for another hundred years.  Thank you again to Aviva.

Descriptor: There when you need us.

Image: AVIVA logo


Our national Catastrophe Claims Team of expert claims staff is ready to mobilize at any time to support on-scene staff and help customers in need. You can reach them 24/7at 1-866-692-8482.