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Image of Aviva’s volunteers.

Corporate Responsibility

Being good means doing good.

Aviva Canada Inc. and the Aviva group of companies are in a fortunate position to make the world a better place, and we take advantage of that every chance we get.  

  • We're proud to have provided more than $7.5 million in project funding since 2009 through the Aviva Community Fund
  • We contributed over $1.8 million corporately to Canadian charities in 2016
  • In 2016, our employees volunteered more than 5,300 hours of their time



Who we support

Aviva Canada Inc. and the Aviva group of companies direct our efforts in four ways:

  • We support community initiatives across Canada by investing $1 million a year through the Aviva Community Fund
  • We help the Canadian Red Cross respond to disasters across Canada
  • We have a leadership role with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction addressing the challenges of severe weather on our business, customers and communities as a whole
  • We provide our employees a chance to volunteer their time and expertise through the My Community Fund


The Canadian Red Cross

For more than 300 years, we’ve been protecting our customers from the fear of uncertainty and unforeseen events. Our partnership with the Red Cross is another way we’re supporting Canadians and upholding our commitment to truly be there for people in their time of need.

Community Health and Wellness

In 2016, we became the first national corporate partner of the Canadian Red Cross Community Health and Wellness program, committing $750,000 over three years. People 65 years of age and older are Canada’s fastest growing age group and Canadians are living longer with chronic illness. There’s a growing need for quality health care services, delivered at home rather than in hospitals or long-term care facilities.

Together, we’re meeting the growing health care needs of Canadians and helping them live longer, healthier lives. Aviva’s contribution to the partnership will help:

  • Deliver improved community health services to over 190,000 clients across Canada such as transportation, nutritional services (eg Meals on Wheels), and social inclusion programs.
  • Purchase over 5,000 pieces of health equipment, such as wheelchairs and walkers, with the potential to help up to 20,000 Canadians over three years who are living with injury or illness.  
  • Train thousands of staff and volunteers to deliver high quality community health care.

Ready When the Time Comes

As one of the leading insurers in Canada, we’ve seen the impact that severe weather and disasters have on our customers and communities. That’s why we were the first insurance company to join as a national corporate partner of the Canadian Red Cross Ready When the Time Comes program in 2015.

Through this program, we’re training our employees and brokers to mobilize when large-scale disasters strike in Canada. Our volunteers help by greeting and comforting those affected by disasters, distributing blankets, comfort kits and meal vouchers, and helping to run emergency shelters and reception centres.

Read more about the difference we’re making with the Red Cross in our 2015 Public Accountability Statement.

To learn more about the Canadian Red Cross, visit


My Community Fund

Aviva Canada Inc. is proud of the commitment our employees make to the well-being of the world, and even more proud to support them through My Community Fund, which lets them contribute to the causes that matter to them. We match personal donations they make to their charities of choice and provide them time to volunteer.


The world’s first carbon neutral insurer

In 2006, Aviva Canada Inc. and the Aviva group of companies made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint by pursuing opportunities to maximize efficiency and minimize impact through our business operations in the areas of:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Travel
  • Procurement
  • Communication

Each year we offset any remaining emissions against carbon credits gained from projects in other countries.