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Image of a contented woman drinking coffee knowing her insurance with Aviva protects her against fraud.

Fraud Prevention

Protecting our consumers

Most people would never commit insurance fraud. So why is everyone paying for it?
Aviva Canada Inc. and Aviva group of companies has stepped up the fight against fraud to keep insurance costs down. We have the largest number of dedicated resources in the country working to combat fraud and help keep insurance rates affordable for all Canadians.

In addition to solid public sector and industry collaboration, our investigative teams use industry-leading technology to fight fraud at the front end, heading off potential problems before they take root and preventing fraud from occurring in the future.

We rely on you to help us as well, because insurance fraud increases premiums for all policy holders.

Help protect affordable insurance premiums for all Canadians by reporting potential insurance fraud, or circumstances that might involve fraud to Aviva Canada’s Fraud Information Centre — open 24/7. Email at or call 1-855-332-5255.