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Any incident, whether you were at fault or not, or whether a claim was made or not.

Accident benefit

If you’re injured in a car accident, you’ll receive accident benefits. If you are killed in a car accident, your family receives them. Accident benefits include replacement for lost income, medical benefits, death benefits and funeral expenses, to name a few. They are paid regardless of who is at fault in an accident. Certain exclusions may apply. Please check your policy for details.

Additional drivers

Any licensed drivers (related to you or not) with your permission to operate your vehicle(s) regardless of whether they will be driving your vehicle regularly or not.  


A licensed employee or independent adjuster trained to evaluate the merits of your claim and make recommendations regarding settlement.


For insurance purposes, age means the full number of years since birth at your policy’s start date.

All perils

This is a combination of collision coverage or upset and comprehensive coverage. It’s the broadest optional loss or damage coverage available and requires a deductible.

Anti-theft device discount

Savings to which you may be eligible if your vehicle is equipped with an after-market (not factory-installed) anti-theft device wired to the ignition. We require written proof that the system was professionally installed.

At-fault accident

A collision caused by you, as determined by the rules of evidence set out by the province. It’s possible to be in an accident and be considered "not at fault" or even "partially at fault."

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